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cross-border investment to israeli tech companies from worldwide “2023.5 invest to israel monthly report”
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invest to israel report, may 2023

a total of 57 investment and acquisition projects occurred, with a total disclosed investment of approximately us$2.15 billion; among them, 49 investment projects, with a total disclosed investment of approximately us$898 million. acquired projects include: mobilize, polar security, neogames technologies, autotalks, dia imaging analysis, koi products solutions & engineering, and continual.

in may 2023, there were 57 investment and acquisition projects in israel, with a total disclosed investment of approximately us$2.15 billion; among them, there were 49 investment projects with a total disclosed investment of approximately us$898 million.

until may, the israeli projects that china has invested in 2023 include: one zero, hexa, tinytap, and optima design automation.

in may 2023, israel has a total of 49 investment projects.

cross-border investments mainly come from the united states (18), united kingdom (5), france (2), japan (2), australia (1), germany (1), canada (1), sweden (1), china (1).

22 israeli investment projects received investment of local origin.

it should be noted that some of the investment projects originated from multiple investors from different countries.

list of investment deals in may

company nameshort introduction
hyroplug-and-play conversational ai assistant
pashoot roboticscontextual robotics for manufacturing
plaiviewai-based soccer training app
revamp medicaltemporary venous catheter solutions for acute heart failure
hypervisionxr optical technology
bellupprofessional services booking app
memcycoadditive-free sugar-reduced food technology company
incredoreal-time website counterfeit detection and prevention solution
reddresswound care medical devices company
kamadabiopharmaceutical company
fayewhole process travel insurance solution
solidtautomotive and electronic product temperature control system technology
ballerinemicro robot medical technology
microbot medicalfintech open source platform
optima design automationeda solution (failure simulation technology such as automobiles) service company
hosstedenterprise it platform to deploy, manage and support open source applications
phononicssolidity cooling technologies
vocai medicalbattery safety and performance enhancements on chip
ox securityend-to-end software supply chain security solutions
pvmlprivacy protection data access platform
speedbembedded data engine
tweedweb3 wallet and payment infrastructure
spinframe technologiesai-based real-time vehicle damage detection platform
swappai powered end-to-end planning service for building construction documents
enverid systemsindoor air quality and energy saving solution provider
visual layermassive visual data management platform
castor technologies3d printing software development
laguna healthai-based post-discharge situational care rehabilitation assurance medtech company
tipaltiaccounts payable automation platform
inspiremdembolic prevention stent system for stroke prevention
ravinai vision inspection solution
largix3d printing technology company developed for actual production process (initiate polymer printing)
evogeneplant improvement ag-biotech trait development
uveyevehicle self-inspection computer vision company
sightfulfinancial planning analytics platform
firmbasefinancial planning analytics platform
1touch.ioinventa (advanced machinellearning powered sensitive data solutions) provider
sightfulaugmented reality application company (ar laptop)
gooddeedsai-based charity fund management platform
hub securitynetwork security solution developer
magenta medicaldevice solutions for acute and chronic heart failure
biocatchbiometric technology company
healthy.iofda-approved smartphone-powered at-home kidney testing medtech company
novideadata driven platform provider
foretellixautomotive technology security
dariohealthdigital health company
skillsetgame-based sports e-learning platform
ezpassintelligent online education platform
adaskysmart thermal sensing technology developer and manufacturer

list of m&a deals in may

1. mobilize - community engagement technology provider

may 17, 2023, member experience platform provider forj acquired community engagement technology provider mobilize. the transaction amount has not been disclosed yet.

forj is an experiential platform purpose-built for associations and professional communities to grow membership, revenue and impact. the platform enables personalized, rich experiences that connect members for the common benefit. earlier this year, forj merged with learning technology company web courseworks, which owns the learning management system coursestage.

unlike social networking or community software, mobilize is designed around members' deepest motivations to learn, grow, collaborate and seek opportunities, resulting in higher engagement and better outcomes. the join of mobilize accelerates forj's innovation in reimagining community-driven learning, with the platform modernizing the experience for every stakeholder, including user-friendly design for members, intuitive community management for admins, and quantify data and roi for executives and boards.

2. polar security - cyber security technology company

may 16, 2023, ibm acquired polar security for $60 million to automate cloud data management.

founded in 2021, polar security is a pioneer in data security posture management (dspm) in the emerging cybersecurity area. polar's technology can reveal where sensitive data is stored, where it is accessed, and identify vulnerabilities in potential security postures, including policy, configuration, or data usage; it can help companies discover, continuously monitor, and protect cloud and saas application data, and address growing threats shadow data problem.

3. neogames technologies - online rmg solution provider

may 14, 2023, neogames (nasdaq: ngms), a technology-driven provider of global end-to-end ilottery and igaming solutions, announced that it has entered into a definitive business combination agreement to be acquired by aristocrat leisure limited (asx: all). the transaction price is $29.50 per share in cash, with a total value of approximately $1.2 billion. the transaction is expected to close within 12 months and is subject to customary closing conditions, including receipt of regulatory approvals and the approval of neogames shareholders.

neogames is a global leader in content and technology solutions for the online rmg (real money gaming) industry, with a full-service including content, a proprietary technology platform and a range of value-added services spanning ilottery, igaming and online sports betting. aristocrat is a leading global gaming content and technology company and publisher of top mobile games, offering a broad range of products and services, including electronic gaming consoles, casino management systems and free-to-play mobile games.

4. autotalks - fabless chip maker

may 8, 2023, qualcomm technologies, inc., a subsidiary of qualcomm, has agreed to acquire autotalks. the transaction terms have not been officially disclosed.

autotalks is a fabless chip maker from israel that produces chip technology that helps cars to be safe, sensors that help vehicles and drivers detect road hazards, and uses compatible technology to communicate with other vehicles to improve responsiveness.

qualcomm said the acquisition will help incorporate the production-ready, dual-mode, autotalks stand-alone safety solutions into qualcomm technology's expanding portfolio of snapdragon digital chassis products. the snapdragon digital chassis is qualcomm's "a complete set of open and scalable cloud connectivity platforms for in-vehicle networking and car connectivity, digital cockpit and advanced driver assistance design."

5. dia imaging analysis - ai-powered software for improving ultrasound imaging analysis

may 8, 2023, according to the israeli business news, philips healthcare imaging is acquiring the israeli company dia imaging analysis (dia). dia develops ai-driven technologies for improving the analysis of cardiac ultrasound imaging, especially those enabled by mobile devices.

dia has nine fda approvals, most recently in february of this year for software to guide non-expert on-site inspections, including assisting with placement of ultrasound transducers to perform optimal testing — a market analysis of what this approval could be philips decided to complete an important part of the deal.

6. koi products solutions & engineering - chemical products company

may 5, 2023, netherland specialty chemicals and ingredients distributor imcd announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of koi products solutions & engineering (koi). the acquisition amount has not been disclosed.

founded in 1986, koi primarily serves the composites, paints, cosmetics, coatings and inks markets. the acquisition will allow imcd to enter the israeli industry.

7. continual - mobile experience analysis company

may 1, 2023, radcom ltd (nasdaq: rdcm) announced that it has completed the acquisition of the technology, intellectual property and customer agreements of continual ltd. (tase: cntl).

continual is a leading mobile experience analytics company in israel, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help telecom operators improve the mobile experience of their subscribers. israeli company radcom specializes in solutions for next-generation mobile and fixed networks, including lte, volte, ims, voip, umts/gsm and mobile broadband. continua’s mobile experience analytics will complement radcom ace's location and mobility analytics portfolio, further enhancing radcom's 5g analytics.


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